Friday, July 25, 2008

First Daughter Giveaway Update

I won a signed copy of First Daughter by Eric Van Lustbader from Shelf Awareness, so I now have three copies of the book. (By the way, the book is excellent. A real page turner.) So, I'm sharing the wealth: two lucky folks who have commented on the giveaway post will be receiving copies of the book. The contest doesn't end until July 30th, so there's still plenty of time to comment if you haven't already.

My signed copy joins a small but much-treasured group of signed books in my library. So, signed books: Do you have any in your collection? Were they obtained in person at a book signing or by other means? If you could have one book that you own signed by a deceased author, which one would you pick? I was thinking about this earlier in the week when my mother surprised me with a very nice first edition of Tim Russert's Big Russ and Me. My first thought was, "I'd love to get this signed! ... Oh." It still hasn't sunk in that Mr. Russert is no longer with us.


  1. I absolutely love signed books. Before I started this whole book blogging thing, most of my signed books (you can see most of the ones I have here: were from in-person meetings... but now I get a lot from contests and reviewing.

  2. I too received a signed copy of First Daughter. Until that the only signed copy I have is of James Michener's Space in paperback. In the summer of 1987 my husband was building the Senior Citizens Center in Kodiak Alaska, and I brought the kids and spent the summer there. Michener was in Alaska researching a new book and he held a Q and A at the local Community College. There was only one bookstore in town and they only had one copy of a Michener book, (and one of my least favorite of his novels), I had lots of his treasured hardcovers at home in Montana, but just couldn't bring myself to have him sign a piece of paper, seemed tacky. So, I got to meet this great writer, shake his hand, tell him I loved his books since I was 16, (he asked which book I loved at that age, I replied The Drifters, and he said, "Oh, you're the one that liked that book!) Now I'm the proud owner of a book I don't like with the autograph of an author I loved! (Sorry I'm so chatty!)

  3. Tim Russert (sigh), yes, it stills hits me too. What a loss.

    Signed books - I have several from author events (readings and presentations). I've received a few in the mail recently, but they definitely mean more if I've felt engaged with the author in a small reading group.

    A favorite? That would be like asking me which of my kids I like best!

  4. I have a Danielle Steele autographed book and I have several childrens' books that are signed. When my kids were smaller, we lived in the suburbs of Chicago and book signings were available all the time all over the place so I took advantage of that. I know I have some signed by Jan Brett and Jim Aylesworth.

  5. I love a signed copy of a book when I have met and talked with the person. My treasured book is Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir. She was in the US on a brief tour and stopped at a small independent bookshop in Madison, CT.
    I was able to speak with her for a while and it was an unforgetable memory. I blogged about it as you did.

  6. Lol I'd love to have more signed books!!! I've actually considered buying brand new copies through a few author websites, just so I can get my fav author signatures.

    The only signed books I have are books I've gotten to review! So not only were they free, but also autographed :)