Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Thingers: Recommendations (Or, LibraryThing Users are My Favorite Kind of Enablers)

Today's topic: Recommendations. Do you use LT's recommendations feature? Have you found any good books by using it? Do you use the anti-recommendations, or the "special sauce" recommendations? How do you find out about books you want to read?

This is one of the ways that LibraryThing has really changed my reading. Prior to joining LibraryThing, I would occasionally get a recommendation from a friend or a helpful person at my favorite bookstore. Now I can just log onto LibraryThing and I get recommendations for virtually any subject, whenever the mood strikes me.

I do use the recommendations feature, but more often I get my recommendations from the discussion groups I participate in. Recently I asked about books set during the London Blitz, and was overwhelmed by all the helpful responses. I'm reading (and enjoying) many books that I never would have known about without the folks at LibraryThing. It's definitely broadened my horizons as a reader.

Now that I'm blogging regularly, I also get a lot of recommendations from fellow bloggers. A significant portion of the recent additions to my Amazon wish list are books that I discovered from reading other bloggers' reviews. On my giveaway post, I asked people to name their favorite book so far this year. I did that for a reason -- I'm an inherently curious person. If you've read a great book, I want to know about it. If you've read a lousy book, I want to know about that, too. (Sometimes this is out of self-preservation, but if the book is bad enough, I'm not above reading it just to give it the MST3K treatment.)

Where do you get most of your book recommendations from?


  1. LT has completely broadened my reading horizons. Actually, I've recently been looking through your library to find suggestions (not that I need new reading material) because we have lots of books (and ratings) in common.

    Also, I've nominated you in this meme. Don't feel pressured to participate, but if you'd like to, you can read about it here

  2. Traci, thank you so much! I'm honored.

    I find a lot of books by browsing other people's libraries. It's amazing how many kindred spirits I've discovered on LibraryThing!