Monday, August 4, 2008

Book Blowout Challenge & July Reading Wrap-Up


I set a goal of 12 books in July, and I ended up with a baker's dozen. I finished my thirteenth book shortly before midnight on July 31st. This puts me at 55 books for the year, so I'm well on my way to my conservative goal of 75 books for the year.

  1. Doctor Who: Wetworld by Mark Michalowski
  2. The White Mary by Kira Salak
  3. Tan Lines by J.J. Salem
  4. What the Dormouse Said by Amy Gash
  5. Aberrations by Penelope Przekop
  6. Kaimira: The Sky Village by Monk and Nigel Ashland
  7. The Ruby in the Smoke by Phillip Pullman
  8. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
  9. Tales of the Supernatural: Volume 1 by M.R. James (audiobook)
  10. Girl with the Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier
  11. The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton
  12. A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie
  13. The Silent Gondoliers by William Goldman
Questions from the Book Blowout Challenge:

1. Did you discover a new author?

Several. Only two of the books that I read this month (A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie and The Silent Gondoliers by William Goldman) were by authors that I'd read before.

2. Where was the most unusual place you found yourself reading?

I didn't read anywhere particularly unusual, but I did read in spots that were unusual for me. Normally I do most of my reading in bed before I go to sleep, but I found myself reading downstairs in the living room quite a bit more than I usually would.

3. Did you read more than usual?

A little bit. I read 8 books in May and 9 in June, so 13 in July was a bit more than average. My previous best for a month this year was 12 in January.

4. Did you give up anything in order to read more?

I watched less television, but I can't say that I mourned the loss.

5. If you won the Amazon voucher what would you spend it on?

More books, of course. I want to pick up a copy of The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer since I've been hearing such great things about them on various blogs.

6. Would you like to see a 2009 Book Blowout?

Sure! I had a lot of fun with this challenge and would definitely participate in it again next year.


  1. Hi Ruth,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog and I am glad to have found yours. I love to read, but I always get stuck in a rut of reading mystery novels. Your blog gives me some good ideas of new books to check out. Lately, I have been lucky to get through a book a month, but that is better than nothing. It was great meeting you.

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    You're welcome! A book a month is GREAT, especially for a new mother who's training for IronMan! I'm in complete awe of you and Scott. It's amazing what you guys can do.

  3. The two books you'd buy are both at the top of my wishlist. In fact, when I was out back to school shopping on Friday (kind of silly really, since we homeschool and many days the kids are still in their pjs til mid-afternoon, but it was fun) I went searching for The Lace Reader at Barnes and Noble. Luckily for my wallet it wasn't on one of those right-when-you-walk-in-the-store tables and we were in somewhat of a hurry to get to a movie, so I didn't get to buy it. But, it's my number one next purchase with the Potato Pie book coming in at a close second.

  4. Hi Ruth - glad to hear you beat your target! I gave up tv too during July - luckily I have a DVR though so I've spent the last few weeks catching up *lol*