Thursday, August 21, 2008

IndieBound Community Beta is Live

indiebound has launched the beta test of their Community feature. If you're not familiar with IndieBound, they seek to raise awareness of independent bookstores and the vital role they play in local communities.

My IndieBound profile is here, feel free to send me a message there or add me to your friends list.


  1. Hi Ruth - Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier. What synchronicity... I had just posted about IndieBound last week and I didn't even realize they were testing out their "community"! Will definitely check that out :)

  2. I followed you here from the IndieBound Community site. I would love the library that you mention in your profile there . . . but I don't know if I could put up with talking cutlery.

  3. Iliana: You're welcome! Isn't IndieBound great? I love their mission statement.

    Nicisixx: Thanks for visiting! I could handle the talking cutlery. The musical numbers during dinner would be my downfall. ;)