Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Sunday Salon: Penelope Przekop Book Signing

Today I'm doing something a bit different from my previous Sunday Salon posts. Instead of writing about what I read this weekend, I'm writing about what I did this weekend.

Yesterday my mother and I headed off to Borders in Warrington, PA for Penelope Przekop's book signing. Warrington is about an hour away, and I'd only been there once before.

My mother and I are navigationally challenged. It runs in the family; I'm convinced of it. But we had some trusty MapQuest directions and were fine until we got to Warrington. Then the directions became a bit more vague and didn't seem to match up with what we were seeing. We drove around Warrington for awhile, then decided that we were hopelessly lost and needed directions. Many thanks to the helpful folks at the Warrington Borders, who were able to give me correct instructions on how to get to their store. (Warrington Borders: 1 Mapquest: 0.)

We dashed into Borders and started looking for Penelope. She spotted me first and recognized me from the photo on my blog, despite the fact that I showed up in my Clark Kent disguise (my eyeglasses). Clearly, Penelope Przekop is more observant than Lois Lane.

We had a great time chatting as Penelope signed my copy of Aberrations as well as a copy for the giveaway mentioned in my previous post. My mom asked how to properly pronounce Penelope's last name (something I'd been wondering about since I got my copy of Aberrations, but had forgotten to ask) and Penelope explained that although it's spelled Przekop, it's pronounced as though the 'z' and 'e' are reversed: Prezkop. Penelope is very friendly and easy to talk to, and meeting her was a wonderful experience. If you're in Pennsylvania, she's scheduled to do another book signing at The Doylestown Bookshop on September 7th. You can get more information about that event as well as future signings at Penelope's Book Tour Site.

After meeting Penelope, we sat down at the in-store Seattle's Best Coffee for a bit so I could rest. (I have chronic fatigue syndrome, and although yesterday was a pretty good day for me energy-wise, the drive to Warrington had made me a little tired.) After a cool drink, I was ready to explore the bookstore. We took a few pictures near some of the wall displays; this one of me beside the Mark Twain quote rivals the lilac picture as one of my favorites.

My mom had never been in a Borders store before, so I was eager to show her around a bit. I naturally gravitate toward the young adult section in any bookstore, and the Warrington Borders was no exception. I must have been giving off a "kid in a candy store" vibe, because my mother said, "Oh no. I'd forgotten how dangerous it is to take you to a bookstore." Famous last words. The picture above is only half of what I bought; the rest are Christmas gifts for folks who have access to this blog. (And yes, there are more bookmarks than books in that picture. You can never have too many.) I was absolutely delighted to find the Doctor Who Magazine in Borders. It was the first time I'd seen the magazine in a store! Normally I have to order it online.

All in all, a lovely experience. Even the drive home was fun. Although, the next time we head into unfamiliar territory, I need to remember to print the reverse directions. We eventually found Route 113 and knew that would get us home, so we just enjoyed the scenery and sang along to the songs on the oldies station. (I still have "Sweet Caroline" stuck in my head this afternoon.)


  1. Wow! That sounds like a fun day. I'm looking forward to reading Penelope's book.

  2. that's awesome penelope recognized you and i'm glad you had a great time. i normally check the YA section first in any bookstore...and it really is bad to bring me to one. i normally want to just live there and read all the books or buy more then i have money for! haah


  3. What a wonderful day! Mapquest hasn't always proven to be accurate for me either, but like you, I usually manage to find my way with a little help if not all on my own. :-)

    Bookstores are a dangerous place for me to go too. I love browsing the shelves and looking for favorite authors.

    Have a great week!

  4. Oh how fun! Speaking of YA sections, Sam's Club now has one! I unsuspectingly went into Sam's today just to look around and left with 6 books! 5 of them YA all priced under 6 dollars!

  5. Ruth, this sounds absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing! There aren't many book signings in my area, so it's always nice to live vicariously through others. I loved Aberrations. Great post!

  6. It's awesome that you had an opportunity to meet Penelope and that she recognized you! I also loved Aberrations and wish I lived closer to one of her signings. Thanks for posting about it. =)

    I am also totally dangerous in a bookstore. I'm trying to stay away until the TBR pile goes down.

  7. Ruth - How cool that you met Penelope and even got pictures with her! I loved reading about your trip.

  8. I'm glad you and you mom made it to Borders (and back!)... I, too, am "navigationally challenged" and always allow extra time for getting lost (and found!)

    The book-signing sounds like it was worth the drive. I haven't yet read *Aberrations*, but have read only good reviews on it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, too, and for your comments about our adventure to see Brunonia Barry on Friday (I didn't mention the pelting rain and thunderstorms ... I have too many weather-related posts lately)

    Looking forward to seeing what you're reading next!

  9. I've been in heaven ever since I bought my navigation system - no more mapquest for me ever again!!

  10. Oh how cool about the author! If it makes you feel any better, I get lost even with MapQuest. :(