Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Salon: August Reading Wrap-Up

The Sunday
I didn't really have a goal for reading in August (in July I set a goal of twelve books and exceeded that by one book). I ended up with a total of only eight books. Considering the fact that I did very little reading during the week I was on vacation, I'm actually content with that number, even if it is a little low for me. I'm hoping to improve on that total for September, which should be fairly easy.

I'm sitting at 64 books for the year and I'm very happy with that number. I hope to hit my low goal of 75 books for the year this month.

My August reads:
  1. The Joy of Spooking: Fiendish Deeds by P.J. Bracegirdle
  2. The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd
  3. The Heretic's Daughter by Kathleen Kent
  4. The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson
  5. One Bad Apple by Sheila Connolly
  6. Coraline by Neil Gaiman
  7. Freeze Frame by Heidi Ayarbe
  8. Creepers by Joanne Dahme
I'm working on reviews for most of these at the moment. I've gotten a little bit behind with reviewing and commenting, but I'm hoping to be back on track by the end of this week.

What did you read in August?


  1. Somehow I got more read in August than I thought I would.
    The Geography of Love
    The Killing Circle
    First Daughter
    Wesley the Owl
    None of the Above
    the Book of Lies

    But we're starting our kitchen remodel and since we do all the work ourselves, I suspect that Sept. won't be so reading filled! (And I'd rather read than tear out wall, build cabinets, strip wallpaper and paint...)

  2. Ooh, you read several that are high on my wish list -- particularly The Killing Circle.

    Sounds like this would be a good month to pick out some audio books. ;) Good luck with the kitchen remodel! I'm sure all the work will be well-worth it.

  3. LOL ~ I totally understand about being behind. Love the giveaway you have going. I'll blog about it on Monday!

  4. August was a bad month for me - only four I think. I'm looking forward to your review of Coraline... I just finished it (need to review it still) but loved it.

  5. Ruth, can't wait to see your reviews of The Gargoyle and The Heretic's Daughter!

  6. I've heard that The Heretics Daughter is a good one. Look forward to your review and picking up a copy of it!

    Farrah from...

  7. I am curious to hear what you think about the Gargoyle. I've heard some good things about it and have it on reserve at the library. :)

    As for my August reading...

    The Water Horse (audio)
    On the Beach
    Accidental Time Machine
    Dirty Secrets Club
    Darkness of the Light
    Dr Who and the Daleks (audio)
    Where the River Ends
    Little Brother
    The Truth
    Sex, Sushi and Salvation
    Diary of a Wimpy Kid (audio)
    Star Wars: Clone Wars
    Star Trek: TNG - Greater than the Sum
    Embrace Me
    Somewhere in Time
    Swan Peak

  8. J.Kaye, there are so many great book blogs out there, sometimes it's a bit overwhelming. I love being part of a community of voracious readers, though. Thanks for blogging about my contest!

    Iliana, this was my first experience with Gaiman and I loved his style. Coraline was excellent. I can't wait for The Graveyard Book. I'm definitely going to read the rest of Gaiman's work.

    Shana, they were both wonderful books! I'm hoping to have my reviews of both up by the weekend, unless real life intervenes. (We do foster work for a local cat rescue, and for the past couple weeks we've been fostering eight cats, in addition to the six who are permanent parts of our family. It's a bit crazy right now, but it's very rewarding work!)

    Farrah, it's a fantastic book. I highly recommend. Thanks for stopping in! I'll be sure to check out both of your blogs.

    Nashville Bookworm, you're a fellow Doctor Who fan? I've read a lot of the new series books, but I'm just diving into the audios with previous Doctors.

    You read several on my TBR list -- The Accidental Time Machine and Little Brother. I also need to read Somewhere in Time. I love the film, but have never read the book.

    The Gargoyle was excellent. One of my favorite books so far this year. I'm hoping to have my review up by the weekend. Unfortunately I'm running a bit behind this week! Thanks for stopping in. I love your blog!