Tuesday, February 10, 2009

C is for Cookie (That's Good Enough for Me)

There's a fun letter meme bouncing around the blogosphere right now. Trish from Hey Lady! Whatcha Reading? gave me the letter 'C', so here are ten of my favorite things that start with that letter.

In no particular order:

Cookie Monster. Like millions of other children, I grew up with Sesame Street. Cookie Monster was my favorite, although Bert and Ernie ran a very close second.


Cats. This will come as no surprise if you saw my last Weekly Geeks post, but I have a big heart for cats. In addition to the rescue work my mother and I do, we have eleven cats (five of which are foster kittens). It's not at all unusual for me to have a book in my hands with one or more cats in my lap.

Compassion International. I became a Compassion sponsor almost two years ago, and it's been an extremely rewarding experience. I sponsor an 8-year-old girl named Eunice in El Salvador. Eunice loves to draw and always includes the most delightful drawings with her letters. Her artistic skills have already surpassed mine. For more information about Compassion, click here.

Caesar Salads. Take me to a restaurant, and if there is a Caesar salad on the menu, there's a very good chance that I'll be ordering it. My personal favorite is Texas Roadhouse's Chicken Caesar Salad.

Classic Literature. My eighth grade teacher got me hooked on the classics, and I've never looked back. Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen, Stevenson, Poe and Doyle are just a few of my favorites.

Clue aka Cluedo. I'm fond of both the board game and the film. I usually play as Miss Scarlet, since red is my favorite color. I once won a game of Clue Master Detective (a now-discontinued version of the game with more suspects, rooms and weapons) on the very first turn. It was more a lucky guess than anything else, but it was still pretty cool.

Converse. I love my Chuck Taylor All-Stars. I'm not a big shoe shopper, but I have three pairs of Converse hi-tops and plan to buy at least two more pairs in the next year. I even have a miniature Converse sneaker on my keychain.

Corn on the Cob. A summer favorite.

The Canon Rebel XTi. I love photography and rarely go anywhere without my camera. I bought the Rebel XTi to replace my film SLR, and I've been extremely happy with it.


Coneflowers. I'm very passionate about gardening and this is just one variety of flower that appears in my garden each year. The photo above was taken late last summer, unfortunately a little while after the petals were in their prime.

If you'd like to do this meme but haven't yet, let me know in a comment and I'll have Random.org pick a letter for you.


  1. I love your list. That little kitten is adorable.

  2. c is for cookie, that's good enough for me! (and of course, that song will stick with me all day now)

    and I didn't realize that Master Detective Clue was discontinued - I loved that game! I think mine is still in my parents basement somewhere ... must find it next time I'm there.

    as for the meme, Chartroose assigned me the letter D and my post is going up tomorrow. :)

  3. i love cookie monster, classic lit, converse, cats, clue, and caesar salad. great meme!

  4. This is a fantabulous list.

    I love corn on the cob too. :-)

    And Eunice sounds adorable and very lucky to have found a friend like you. Or maybe you're the lucky one?

  5. Terrific list. I like all of your Cs! I even have a Canon and grow purple and yellow coneflowers! Too funny. I used "felines" as one of my Fs (goes with your C for cats).

  6. What a great list Ruth - thanks for sharing!

  7. C is for Cookie! I love that song and miss that show! This is a great list and Ceasar Salads I must say are the most important thing on any menu! C is for Craving a Ceasar Salad!

  8. Oooh, I love your list, so many great things; cookies, cats, converse, canon!!

    I would gladly join the fun, too!
    Please give me a (nice) letter! :D

  9. What a great idea! Will you do a different letter each day?

  10. I love your C list :).. specially cats, ceasar salad and canon!!

    I got me an "M" !!

  11. I'm so glad you picked a coneflower. I grow at least 4-5 different varieties of conflower in my garden. They are a great summer flower.