Sunday, May 3, 2009

TSS: April Reading Wrap-Up

The Sunday

April was a very busy month for me, but I still managed to read 8 books and set a new page total record for a month. My previous high was 2,442 pages in January. In April, I read 2,880 pages.

1. O Jerusalem by Laurie R. King
2. Justice Hall by Laurie R. King
3. The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister
4. The Case of the Bizarre Bouquet by Nancy Springer
5. The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan by Nancy Springer
6. Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn
7. The Game by Laurie R. King
8. Locked Rooms by Laurie R. King

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: A Celebration
You may have noticed a theme with the books listed above -- all but two of them are Sherlock Holmes-related. I have these reviews scheduled to go live this month as part of my Sir Arthur Conan Doyle event. Join me the entire month of May for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: A Celebration. May 22 will be the 150th anniversary of Doyle's birth, and I can't think of a better time to honor one of my favorite authors.


  1. I simply must make the time this month to read the Beekeeper's Apprentice in honor of Holmes' 150th Birthday celebration!

  2. What are your thoughts on Deanna's book? Did you read my review of that one? Loved it, except I could have lived with out the specific murder method. The whole book could have gone a different direction in my opinion, but I still liked it. The other two in the series are even better.

  3. Molly, will this be your first time reading The Beekeeper's Apprentice? If so, you're in for a treat. (If not, you already know you're in for a treat!)

    MJ, I really enjoyed Silent in the Grave. I figured out the killer pretty early on, but was surprised by the motive and method. I could have lived without that particular method as well, but I did think it was rather clever and definitely unexpected. I'm looking forward to reading Silent in the Sanctuary, and just ordered a copy of Silent on the Moor.

  4. I'm really looking forward to your Sherlock Holmes -related reviews. I've never read any and it feels like a big gap in my reading life!

  5. I'm definitely looking forward to your month of Sherlock Holmes. I have yet to read one, and I have no excuse because I have an anthology of all of them!! I don't know why I've never read one, but I really must get around to it one of these days :-)

  6. Hi Ruth, in honor of your tribute to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, you may enjoy Julian Barnes' novel Arthur & George (f you haven't already read it). It's the fictional account of Doyle's efforts to help half-Indian solicitor George Edalji whom he believed was wrongly convicted and imprisoned of a crime. Though it is a novel, the events recorded actually took place. There is much biographical detail about Doyle, and I think many of his fans would enjoy it.

  7. Have you read Still Life with Murder? It's more of a Drood-related rec than Holmes-related, but I think you'd like it. It takes place in post-Civil War Boston and is about a governess who has to help her employer's eldest son when he is suspected of murder. He's opium addict, and the scene where she reluctantly visits him in a opium den was completely... engrossing. It's really dark, but very entertaining. I think it's oop, but you could probably find it used or on paperbackbookswap.

  8. Looking forward to all the Laurie King reviews. I picked up Nancy Springer a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it, too. I've got School of Essential Ingredients on my TBR pile - would love to read your review of that, too. You had a great reading month!

  9. Congrats on breaking your page record! You had a great month, and I hope May treats you well, too. :)

    Diary of an Eccentric