Monday, June 22, 2009

Book Review: The Sea Chest by Toni Buzzeo & Mary GrandPre

The Sea Chest
Author: Toni Buzzeo
Illustrator: Mary GrandPre
Publisher: Dial (2002)
Hardcover, 32 pages, $16.99
ISBN-10: 0803727038
ISBN-13: 978-0803727038

In this tender story inspired by a popular lighthouse legend, Toni Buzzeo gives the reader a timeless tale about the meaning of family and the unique bond shared by sisters.

As her great-great-niece sits close beside her, holding a worn photograph of a baby, Aunt Maita tells the young girl the story of her life at Sanctuary Island. When Aunt Maita was ten years old, she was a lonely only child living at a lighthouse in Maine. During a particularly violent winter storm, Maita and her parents stay up all night; her father tending the light while Maita and her mother watch and worry as a ship tries to make safe passage through the churning seas. Despite their best efforts, the ship is lost to the sea.

The next day, Maita and her father go down to the shoreline to search for sea glass. Instead of bits of colored glass, they find a bundle of mattresses that washed ashore from the ship that was lost in the night. Within the mattresses they find a wooden chest; within the chest they find a baby girl. Her parents last act was to bundle her in the sea chest and hope that their daughter would survive. Maita names the baby Seaborne, and her parents raise the girl as their own. Seaborne sleeps in the sea chest that protected her until she grows too large for it. As the years pass, Maita is delighted to have a sister to share with; she's no longer a lonely little girl wishing for a friend.

When Aunt Maita finishes her story, her young niece looks at the old sea chest, which is waiting to be used for a new occupant: "the tiny stranger my mama and papa have gone to fetch from so far across the wide Atlantic. To be my sister."

Beautifully illustrated by Mary GrandPre (best known for her work on the Harry Potter series), this lyrical story of adoption and sisterly love is not to be missed.

Rating: 10/10.

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  1. Nice review and also that you have given it a 10/10 makes it a book to be added to my tbr.If I find it good I can get one as a gift for my niece.

  2. The military base library actually has this and I checked it out and read it some years ago. It's excellent!

  3. I'm going to look for this one! I really enjoy your blog -- I have an award for you at A Sea Of Books ;)

  4. I will have an award posted for you on my blog shortly. Please check it out!

  5. Oh! Just love that cover! And this book really sounds good.

  6. I think the cover is amazing. It sounds so good.

  7. How funny- the cover reminded me of Harry Potter when I saw it, and then you said that it's the same illustrator! It sounds lovely- thanks for the recommendation.

  8. I love to read, like you, admire your blog)