Monday, June 1, 2009

The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes Giveaway Winner

The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes
Many thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway for The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes: The Short Stories. The response was overwhelming! I really enjoyed reading what everyone's favorite Holmes stories are. It's nearly impossible for me to choose; "The Red-Headed League" is my sentimental favorite since it was my first exposure to Sherlock Holmes, but I also love "The Adventure of the Devil's Foot" and "The Adventures of the Copper Beeches".

Anyway, back to business. The lucky winner of this beautiful set is Heather J. of Age 30+...A Lifetime of Books! I've already contacted Heather to confirm her address. Congratulations Heather, I hope you enjoy your set as much as I love mine!


  1. YEAH! This is the BEST bookish thing I've ever won, period. I'm not a collector of books - most that I read I quickly pass on to other people - but THIS set will be part of my small permanent collection. I am SO EXCITED that I won this! Thank you so much Ruth!!!