Friday, January 21, 2011

Bloggiesta: Starting Line

This weekend I'll be participating in Bloggiesta, a blogging marathon hosted by Natasha of Maw Books. The purpose of this event is to catch up on all those little things you've been meaning to do around your blog, whether it's writing reviews, creating backup posts for rainy days, reorganizing your post tags, tweaking your blog's layout, etc.

This event could not come at a better time for me since I have a lot of blog maintenance to catch up on after a lengthy hiatus. Here are some things I'd like to address during Bloggiesta:

  • Write 3-5 reviews.
  • Write a 2010 wrap-up post (Done!) and a 2011 goal post.
  • Update my About Me page with a more detailed review policy.
  • Replace my current favicon. (I did this during the first Bloggiesta. At some point since then the site I used changed my favicon to their generic site logo for some reason.) Done!
  • Organize my blog sidebar. It's starting to look less tidy than I would prefer. Done, although I'll probably tinker with it a bit more soon.
  • Prepare to relaunch Quotable as a weekly feature in February.
  • Replace my current contact form with a Google form.
My official start time is Friday 2 PM EST.


  1. You go girl! The Google forms contact thing is a great idea, I should probably think about that.

  2. Nice wrap-up post. And I really liked your Quotables feature and hope you do bring it back. I've signed up for Bloggiesta but haven't been up to doing a post yet-for now I'll just go around and comment. You're doing well.

  3. You have been missed Ruth and it's nice to see you around! Happy Bloggiesting!

  4. Happy Bloggiesta!
    New follower! Stop by and say hi if you get a chance!
    Have a great weekend!