Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Official Sherlock Holmes Novel Announced

Author Anthony Horowitz
Sherlock Holmes is to be brought back to life in the first new novel about the great Baker Street detective to be officially approved.

Anthony Horowitz, author of stories about teenage spy Alex Rider, has been chosen by Arthur Conan Doyle's estate to write the full-length novel, which will be published by Orion in September.

"I fell in love with the Sherlock Holmes stories when I was 16 and I've read them many times since," said Horowitz.

"I simply couldn't resist this opportunity to write a brand new adventure for this iconic figure and my aim is to produce a first rate mystery for a modern audience while remaining absolutely true to the spirit of the original."

No details of the new tale or even its title have been revealed.
Read the full article here.

I heard the news about this book on Thursday afternoon. On Friday night, thanks to a recommendation from Ruth of Booktalk & More, I watched all five parts of Collision, a BBC miniseries written by Anthony Horowitz. Somehow I missed it when it originally aired on Masterpiece in 2009. Collision is an amazing production and one that I highly recommend. (If you are a Netflix subscriber, Collision is available to watch instantly online.)

When the final twist was revealed, I was utterly convinced that Anthony Horowitz is the perfect choice to pen a new Sherlock Holmes book. The ending of Collision is very much reminiscent of the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories. Ultimately the twist is so simple, and yet the path to discovering it is so intricate. I await Horowitz's Holmes offering with great interest.


  1. You're welcome, Carol! I'll post about this again once a title and definite release date is announced.

  2. Oh, I loved Collison, too. Great miniseries!

  3. I don't think I've ever watched an entire miniseries in one sitting before. I was VERY tempted to do so with State of Play, but I had to split that up into two nights when I realized that I'd be watching the last part at 2 AM.

  4. So happy you enjoyed Collison!

  5. If you like books for middle graders you should read Horowitz's 'The Falcon's Maltezer' which is his take on crime noir. He catches the tone brilliantly. My Year Sixes laughed until they cried - and so did I!