Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Salon: 2011 Reading Goals

Set GoalsThe last week of January may seem like an odd time to assess my reading goals for 2011 (although I did draw up a longhand list of goals back in early December), but I think this is a perfect opportunity to step back and see what's working and what isn't, now that the newness of the year has worn off a bit.

My biggest goal for 2011 was to start blogging again, and I just now feel as though I am shaking the rust from Bookish Ruth after the long hiatus. Last weekend's Bloggiesta was a real blessing as I was able to get a lot of long-neglected blog maintenance taken care of over the course of those three days.

More goals for 2011:
  • Read at least 100 books. I only read 31 books in 2010 and I was disappointed with that total. I will need to step up my reading pace from January, since it looks like I'll be finishing the month with only six books read.
  • Make a sizable dent in unread books that are sitting on my bookshelves. The great thing about being a book blogger is that you always have a lot of books to choose from. One of the not-so-great things is that sometimes those books come in faster than you can possibly read them. I have just over 100 unread books in my personal library and I hope to see that total diminish rapidly in 2011.
  • Make progress with series books. This is, I think, a yearly goal. I would like to get current with the Mary Russell, Lady Julia Grey, and Maisie Dobbs series so I'm ready for the new book from each series, since all three will see new installments published in 2011. I would also like to catch up on my collection of Agatha Christie novels.
  • Continue reading about specific areas of interest. I want to read more books related to Vincent van Gogh, Sherlock Holmes, Victorian England and lighthouses this year.
  • More mysteries and middle grade fiction. In recent years I have made an effort to expand my reading focus. This year I would like to narrow it a bit and focus on my two favorites genres: mysteries and middle grade fiction. Three of the six books I have finished so far this year have been mysteries and I'm reading a middle grade book now, so I feel I am making steady progress on this goal.
Did you set any reading goals for 2011? How do you feel you're progressing with those goals?


  1. We have a few similarities. Like you I didn't post my resolutions or aims for 2011 at the beginning of the month, but will do so tomorrow on my Month in review post. I have also been fairly absent from blogland for about 2 years because of a poor work / life balance and have already made more posts this year than in 2009 and only 7 posts away from the whole of 2010. Likewise I like the Maisie Dobbs series, and read at the end of last year book 3, but read on a blog today that there are actually 8 in the series!

  2. Sounds like you have your goals clearly in mind. I too should be reading more of the books on my shelves. Two books of fiction that featured Van Gogh and his life and work are Irving Stone's "Lust for Life" and Adam Braver's "Crows Over a Wheatfield". The Stone is older, I read it about 40 years ago, and Crows deals with Van Gogh as a secondary part of the story but I found both books to be very satisfying on the subject. Happy reading in 2011.

  3. My biggest goal for 2011 is to clear off outstanding review commitments and not accept any more except from a very short list of authors. I want to get to some of the books I bought for myself because they were calling to me!

    If you're looking for some more good middle grade fiction, I just finished reading Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce aloud to my four kids, and we all adored it!

  4. I set a goal of 100 books read in 2011 as well - and I really need to pick up the pace, since I'm finished January with 5 completed.

  5. Ruth, you can do it! We can cheer each other on.

    Carrie, I completely understand. I'm limiting how many review books I accept now as well. I was neglecting my own books and wanted to have a better balance between the two. I looked up Cosmic and it sounds like a book I would love. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

    Sandra, I have Lust for Life in my TBR pile, but I hadn't heard of Crows Over a Wheatfield until you pointed it out. It's going on my wish list.

    Anglers Rest, we definitely have a lot in common! Thanks so much for stopping in.