Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CSN Furniture Review: Winsome Espresso Wide 2 Shelf Storage Shelf

Winsome Espresso Wide 2 Shelf Storage ShelfBack in August of 2009, I received a Winsome Espresso Wide 2 Shelf Storage Shelf to review from CSN Furniture. Unfortunately, the bookshelf's arrival coincided with moving, and in all the post-move chaos and ensuing blog hiatus, I never got around to posting my review here.

This offers me a unique opportunity, however, because I have now owned this piece for almost a year and a half, and I can say that this little bookshelf has truly stood the test of time.

CSN shipped the bookshelf quickly, and I was very impressed with how well it was packed. Upon opening the box, I discovered that the pieces were separated from one another by light padding that kept the wood pieces from rubbing together and possibly damaging one another in transit.

The instructions for assembly were straight-forward and easy to understand. I liked the fact that I only needed an Allen wrench to put this shelf together; this made assembly quick and easy. The entire shelf was put together in less than 45 minutes. The wooden caps to hide the screws were a very nice touch.

In the picture above you can see the finished shelf housing my collection of Doctor Who books. The top shelf is spacious enough to hold my lamp, alarm clock, Kindle, and a few decorative items with plenty of room to spare. The two lower shelves are deep and well-made. There are no signs of bowing with the middle shelf (a problem I've experienced with other brands of bookcases) despite the fact that it is housing over 20 hardcover books and roughly a dozen paperback books. The bottom shelf is tall enough that I can fit several large format hardcovers without needing to turn the books on their sides. This shelf offers many storage possibilities and would look great with some wicker baskets.

I absolutely love the Espresso color. I was concerned that the bookcase might be too dark (I didn't want something that looked black) but the color is accurate to the manufacturer's photographs -- a perfect, rich dark brown.

One of the things I worry about most with any piece of wood furniture is how it stands up to daily use. This bookcase looks as good as it did the day I assembled it, with no scratches or chips. My cats have jumped up on it more than once and there has been no damage from their claws. The finish is easy to clean with a Swiffer Duster or damp cloth.

The Winsome Espresso Wide 2 Shelf Storage Shelf is a great piece of furniture at a great price. Between the quality of the product and the excellent service I received from CSN Furniture, I will definitely be purchasing more items from them in the future.


  1. Ooohh, very nice. I especially like the Doctor Who theme. :)

  2. I didn't realize that I had so many Doctor Who books...I think when you can dedicate an entire bookshelf to them, you're firmly past the "obsession" stage. ;)

    (I blame David Tennant!)

  3. I have a CSN shelf and love it too. I haven't read any of the Doctor Who books yet, but David Tennant is definitely my favorite Doctor yet. :)

  4. Alyce, which one do you have? I was really impressed with CSN's service and the quality of their products.

    I love Matt Smith as the new Doctor, but I think David Tennant will always be my favorite since he's the one that really got me into the show. The Doctor Who books are pretty good. There are a few clunkers, of course, but also some absolute gems. I need to get caught up with reviewing them here.

  5. Oh look at those lovely Doctor Who's. This shelf jus has so much #win to it! Love it :)