Friday, February 4, 2011

Quotable: Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear

Quotable: Weekly Literary QuotationsWelcome to Quotable, a weekly feature at Bookish Ruth. Each Friday I'll share a short passage that caught my attention -- it could be an old favorite or something that jumped out at me during that week's reading. I hope you'll enjoy it and perhaps share something that resonated with you.

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My selection this week is from Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear. This was my favorite out of all the books I read last year. There are so many wonderful passages that it was hard to choose just one to feature here. I kept coming back to one in particular, though, about the nature of truth:

"Maurice Blanche maintained that amid the tales, the smokescreens, and the deceptive mirrors of life's unsolved mysteries, truth resides, waiting for someone to enter its sanctum, then leave, without quite closing the door behind them. That is when truth may make its escape."
-- Jacqueline Winspear,
Maisie Dobbs, p. 53


  1. I heart Maisie Dobbs! I really need to catch up on this series.

  2. I have a couple of gift cards that are going to go towards completing that series. I really want to get caught up for the new book!

  3. I am also reading Maise Dobbs. Not bad so far.